Technological modernization in the enterprise

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On 10.04. 2023 «Alumina Elite 2003» Ltd concluded a contract for the provision of grant-in-aid under the Program for Economic Transformation from the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, co-financed by the European Union through NextGenerationEU #BG-RRP-3.004-1061-С01 "Technological modernization in the enterprise".

General goal of the project: Increasing the efficiency of production processes, achieving higher productivity, reducing production costs and optimizing the production chain of "Alumina Elite 2003" Ltd. The main goal of the project proposal leads to the achievement of the purpose of procedure BG-RRP-3.004 "Technological modernization".

High-tech fixed assets planned for purchase: double-head circular saw - 1 pc., bending machine - 1 pc., CAD-based software for designing of curtain walls and facade engineering - 10 pcs. and software for automatic submission of production operations and processing of production machines - 1 pc. will contribute to the achievement of these goals.

The expected effect is to restore the economic potential of the enterprise from the period before the COVID pandemic and create conditions for growth and development through digitalization of production processes with the aim of expanding the activity. Additionally, the investment under the procedure complies with the requirements of the principle of "doing no significant harm" to the environment and will contribute to the ecological transition of the country.

Total value of the project: BGN 1,322,334.70, of which BGN 661,167.35 is European funding.

The expected results of the project support are:

- digitization of the production process;

- expansion of production capacity;

- increasing the efficiency and productivity of the production process;

 - reduction of production costs;

- optimization of the production chain of "Alumina Elite 2003" ltd.